So… blogging, huh?

November 3, 2011

“You should blog!!!” A friend has been telling me this for ages, but I’ve never saw myself as a blogger. What could I possible say that would be so interesting that I needed to share it with the whole wide cyber world?

Don’t get me wrong, I have opinions. I have  TONS, TONS, I tell you, of opinions on a variety of topics. Go ahead, try me sometime. (But not now, i’m trying to blog…) But I usually yell my opinions at whatever form of media and/or technology is in front of me at that moment (when no one is around of course) And sometimes, if my father gets me riled up enough, I’ll vent my opinions at him, while he’s venting right back.

Sometimes, if I get frustrated enough i’ll rant like Rick in my head, but politely bite my tongue, and avoid drawing any attention to myself or trying to make my point known. I’ve always had the opinion that you’ll never make the world see things the way you do, especially if your making a spectacle of yourself.

Maybe the rants are starting to build up, or maybe the creative writer in me is feeling neglected and bored, but I’m making the leap into bloggery (bloggerhood, bloggerdom….?) It’s not because I need a soapbox, or I think that the world needs more bloggers.

I’m blogging for my own enjoyment, and perhaps a handful of others, hoping that I might add a little perspective to my own world of thoughts.